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 Welcome to Laurel's Learning Lab! 

Experience true native American English Training with Laurel!

Learn American English and pronunciations online with me in interactive and creative courses!

You will be able to converse in English without any hesitation with our online English Classes

Learning English Online is fun, flexible with time, and personally engaging with our everyday tasks

With our online English Classes, become proficient and confident for business or daily life!

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Why study with Laurel's Learning Lab?


Learn from an accomplished teacher with an in-depth understanding of American English and language accent issues.


Learn concepts, practice conversation & get your questions answered in the classes real-time. Recorded video for self-paced learning also available.


Practice quizzes & assignments to learn and master various skills and concepts. (coming soon)


Stay up to date & get notified every time course content is updated. 


Get extra lessons for your own study about idioms and phrases used in American English. 


Learn at your own pace with various options for multi-course learning. Pay through Paypal. 


- From Private Tutoring Students in U.S. -

Slovakia, 30 years old
 Click on his picture above to see his video testimonial 
Marek's testimonial

Brazil, 32 years old
You’re an amazing teacher with the kindest heart! You have a very unique way of teaching, that motivates and engages the students. You inspire learners to embrace the English language. You’ve been a huge encouragement to me, helping me to build confidence in myself.

Japan, 24 years old
I took Laurel’s class twice a week for two months. I learned a lot about pronunciation from her. This is one of the hardest things when I communicate with people, but I feel I am getting better. Finally I have the confidence to talk English. She is very charming and kind.


Congo, 18 years old

I needed English for my college classes, and I was new to the U.S.  She helped me with pronunciation and feel more confident with my English.


Laurel Archer, MEd (Education), BA (English & French)

I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. I have been a teacher for over 25 years, helping elementary students to adults learn English for school, test prep and business advancement. I am passionate about helping people use English in their work and professional lives. I think there are many ways to learn English - we can find the one you love 🙂

English Level: Native Speaker       

Accent: American

Experience: 25+ years teaching in various classrooms, adult classes, and private students with my own business, Cary Tutor (local to Cary, NC) and 3+ years with Laurel's Learning Lab (online courses & social media).

Qualifications: Teaching Certificate in Illinois
Education: Bachelors of English/Minor in French and Masters in Education/Reading

CONTACT ME - for questions about my private tutoring or online classes

Questions? Comments? Send me an email here!

or connect with me on Whatsapp - 1-919-798-6493 - texts ONLY! 

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