US vs UK - Which English is better? :)

Sun Aug 21, 2022

This is from a video that I made with Rachelle of Dreaming English 

& Ken Clay of the UK.

Have you thought about English in this way? Many people might just think of English as a unified language but it's certainly not - there are MANY words that are different as well as pronunciation and spelling between American and British English.

In this video, Rachelle and I are from the US but we have different accents for some words ("idea vs idear") - she doesn't even realize she says it this way :) And Ken is from the UK and says words and phrases differently than both of us....sometimes :)

We say the words and then talk about them and how they are usually used in each country.

So if you don't know what is "better" - yes we talk about this word too - watch our short discussion about the differences and tell me what you think! 

or click on the picture to watch the video on YouTube and make a comment :)

UK vs US Spellings And Pronunciations - how are they different?

Adult - /A dult/ (UK) & /uh DULT/ (US)

Mobile - /MO byle/ (UK) & /MO bill/ (US)

Bath - /Baath/ (short o–UK) & /Bath/(short a–US)

Civilization /Civ i lise A tion/ (UK) & /Ci vi liz-A tion/ (US)

Better – /Be ta/ (UK) & /Be deR/ (US)
Garage - /GA raj/ (UK) & /ga RAJ/ (US)
Hard - /haad/ (UK) & /haRd/ (US)
Advertisement - /ad VER tiz ment/ (UK) & /ad ver TIZE ment/ (US)
Idea - /i DEAR (UK & Rachelle :) & /i DEA/ (US)
Brochure - /BRO shure/ (UK) & /bro SHURE/ (US)
Caffeine - / CAF feen / (UK) ca FEEN/ (US)
Buffet - /BUF fay (UK) /bu FAY/ (US)

Extra bonus words:

Schedule - /SHED ule/ (UK) & /SKED ule/ (US)
Laboratory - /la BOR a tory/ (UK) & /LAB ra tory/ (US)

Laurel Archer
A North Carolina-based teacher and lover of language and reading. She loves to find fun ways to teach English and connect with people all over the world.

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