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English the American Way

Long & Short Vowel Sounds Made Easy! You will compare two or more sounds to each other in each short, informative recorded lesson. Then you will give me YOUR voice notes for each lesson through voice chat on Whatsapp or FB group. If there is enough students for a group Zoom call, we will do this every week to talk about what we learned each week! 

Language: English

Instructors: Laurel Archer

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Are the sounds in English frustrating sometimes? :> It is confusing if you are used to saying the sounds in your native language, and they are different in English. 

Why is English so difficult, you may ask...

It doesn't follow one pattern, and we have 10 vowel sounds, plus a few others we use all the time, with no accent marks to help us understand how to say them

This course will help you distinguish between the similar sounds and help you identify when to say the sounds in words in everyday language.


How will this new course work?

16 Lessons - 2 Recorded Lessons a week (self-paced) - Vowels - Long & Short & Other Sounds - Intonation & Fluency

Each week (for 8 weeks) - you will:

~~Record the parts of the lesson I ask for each time

~~Get feedback from Laurel and improve your pronunciation!

~~Live Zoom session on Friday/Saturday to discuss the week's lessons!

So you will be able to understand the differences between these vowel sounds and be able to confidently speak in American English by the end of this course! :)

Credit: Moontajska Productions for video clip :)

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